PREVIEW: C.L.A.W. Fight Night 9/20/11

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Fight Night Preview
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Main Event Tag Team Match

“Stretcher” Cam Gordy and Phoenix Rising vs. SUPA RINGUBUSHI!

This event will take place Tuesday night, September 20. Promos and strategies for this event are due Monday, September 19 at 12:00 pm EDT. Maximum of 2 promos per participant.

  1. Phoenix Rising says:

    (Phoenix Rising is once again in a gym, running on a treadmill, wearing sweat pants and his wrestling mask.)

    So, Takeda and Saito, we meet again. I wrestled you in Japan, and now half-way around the world I have to do it again. Doesn’t it get old for you to keep getting beat by me?

    And this time, I’ve got a partner. Cam Gordy, a real, talented wrestler, not a couple of wannabee pop stars like you clowns. You got kicked out of Japan and we’re going to kick you out of CLAW, too.

    You two jokers better watch the skies, because the phoenix is about to dive on you!

  2. Saito and Takeda, SUPA RINGUBUSHI! says:

    A crowded nightclub. Strobe lights and fog. Pounding, throbbing dance music fuels hundres of gyrating, half-naked young people as they grind against each other.

    Suddenly a spotlight appears next to the DJ. Two men, one thin and athletic, the other the size of a house, step into the light with microphones. The big man threatens to break the DJ’s neck unless he stops the music. The room goes silence, and the crowd begins to boo and heckle.

    TAKEDA: Saito and Takeda in the house! You no like us? TOO BAD! We’re here to stay! And we’re here to show you loser Americans and Canadians how to wrestle! Starting with that punk ass bitch, Phoenix Falling!

    SAITO: Actually, Phoenix Rising is Mexican.

    TAKEDA: Shut up! I don’t care if he’s Babylonian, I’m still going to kick his skinny little ass all over the ring! And he’s going to like it, cause he’s into having sexy Japanese men smack him around!

    SAITO: What are you talking about?

    TAKEDA: Shut up! I am Takeda, and I will make Phony Rising bow down and worship me like a wrestling god! I will make him my little altar boy, and I will show him what happens to disobedient little altar boys!

    Saito grabs his partner and puts him in a headlock, and snatches the mic from him.

    SAITO: Sorry folks, just a mistranslation, I’m sure. Rising, we’ll see you Tuesday night!

    TAKEDA: I’ll make you my biiiiiiitch!!!!

    The music comes back up and the spotlight goes out, leaving the crowd staring, bewildered about what just happened.

  3. Cam Gordy says:

    I don’t need fancy hair or costumes to beat you clowns. You can dance and whine all you want, Takeda, but tomorrow night when it’s just us in the ring, I’m going to make you cry and scream while I stretch you six ways from Sunday. I’m going bring the pain. Think you’re man enough to take it?

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