Main Event: Rod “The Biker” Stevenson and Garbage Picker vs SUPA RINGUBUSHI!

Before they collide at HOGTOWN HOSTILITY, Stevenson and GP must team up to face Saito and Takeda.  If they lose, Picker loses his title shot and Stevenson must forfeit his championship.


Mixed Gender Tag Team Match:
Pistol Pete and Queen Fat-Ema vs. Jason Salva and Cindy the Psycho Cheerleader

The first ever of its kind in C.L.A.W! In Mixed Gender rules, if a participant tags out, their opponent must tag out as well (women must wrestle women and men must wrestle men).

Ron “The Antiquarian” Donaldson vs Pierre Boheme

Donaldson and Boheme collided on the floor during the Battle Royal last week.  Now they officially get to face off in the ring, one-on-one.

***Card subject to change***

This event will take place Tuesday night, October 11 at the Centre Pierre Charbonneau, in Montral, Quebec. Promos and strategies for this event are due Monday, October 10 at 12:00 pm EDT. Maximum of 2 promos per participant.

  1. [Lights up on Takeda, a muscular Japanese man with green and blue streaks dyed on his hair. He’s sitting in a cardboard box with “Shame” written on it in black magic marker. He has duct tape over his mouth.

    His partner, the 400-pound former sumo Saito, stands over him.]

    SAITO: Takeda sits in the box of shame because of the dishonor he brought our team last week. While I dominated the ring, he got himself eliminated by a girl. A GIRL! He must learn humility and discipline before he is allowed to speak again.

    Takeda mumbles and nods.

    SAITO: But we must look forward. This week, we have a chance to make things right. ROD STEVENSON. GARBAGE PICKER. You saw me in the battle royal. You know I owned that ring. I should be the Heavyweight Champion. I should be in the main event at Hogtown Hostility. You two little maggots aren’t fit to wash my loin cloth. On Tuesday night, I will prove why I should be the champ, and crush both your hopes and throats at the same time. When I’m in the main event at Hogtown Hostility and you’re in the box of shame, know who put you there. Know who’s bigger than you. Know who’s better than you.

    Takeda mumbles something and bounces up and down in his box. He may be agreeing, or wetting himself in fear of what Saito is going to do to him when the cameras stop rolling.


  2. Pierre Boheme says:

    (Pierre Boheme enters a small museum of a historic house in downtown Toronto. He’s wearing a beret and leading his poodle, Fifi on a leash. The man at the desk tells him he can’t bring the dog in. Pierre punches him.)

    You no tell me what to do, no? I tink not! I spit on your patetic eggcuse for a museum. In France, we have Le Louvre! Here, you tink ugly old hairbrushes are an antique? And what iz dis? Queen Anne? C’est la merde!

    (Pierre smashes some dishes. He picks up a chair and throws it through the window. Fifi pees on the rug.)

    You see what I do here? Dis is noting! RON DONALDSON, you wait to see what I do to you next week, non? I owe you and your stupid museums a lesson. VIVE LA FRANCE!

    (Pierre continues to destroy the museum as underpaid museum staff watch and weep.)

    • Ron "The Antiquarian" Donaldson says:

      (Ron Donalson enters museum, back-lit, as trumpets sound in the distance. He is wearing white curatorial gloves and is brandishing an antique table leg.)

      Excuse me, sir, but I’m going to have to ask you NOT to touch the artifacts. Even the smallest fingerprint can be extremely damaging. If you’d like, I’d be happy to break your filthy God-damned fingers as a reminder.

      Oh, it’s you, Mr. Boheme. I thought I could smell cowardice. It smells like Old Spice and tallow. I hope your monthly bath is sometime before our match on Tuesday. I’d hate to vomit from the stench and have you mistake it for that putrid slop you call French cuisine.

      Like many Canadians, I’m half French. Come Tuesday we’ll have something in common, after I tear you in half.

      I’d tell you to prepare to be defeated, but I’m sure that comes naturally to you.

  3. Jason Salva says:

    Lights come up on Cindy practicing a cheer routine in front of a reporter’s camera. Just as the cheer ends, Jason drops down from the darkness above right in front of her, startling her and the reporter
    JS: Hi!

    Psycho Cindy puts him in a headlock

    PC: Like, what the hell Spider-Freak! You totally ruined my final pose!
    JS: Sorry. you want me to make my entrance again?
    PC: Umm, like nooooo way. Let’s just get this interview done so I can go get my hair done.
    Cindy still has the spider in a headlock
    Reporter: So you two are scheduled to take part in the first mixed gender match in CLAW – What does that mean to you.
    PC: Well, I like totally…
    JS: We get to make-out right? (He cuts her off mid sentence). That’s the fun with being around girls! Making-out!
    PC: Eeew! Like I’d ever want to be with a spider-boy!
    JS: You like Pistol Pete better? He plays with other boy’s parts all the time!
    PC: EEEEEWW. No he’s even grosser! Like gag me with a spoon!
    Rep: So do you have a plan on how to deal with Pete and the Queen?
    JS: Pete will fall in to my web, just like every other fly! As for the Queen… I don’t do fat chicks.
    PC: I’ll give that bi-otch what she deserves. We’ve got this one wrapped up.
    JS: Wrapped? we’re done? Great.
    Salva grabs a handful of Cindy’s ass and gives it a squeeze. She lets him out of the headlock with a squeal, jumping away from him. Before she can recover, he shimmies back up his rope in to the darkness
    Rep: Well, I guess that’s the word for now – Watch out Pete and Fat-Ema, the spider and the cheerleader have your number
    Fade to black

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