Mike Kravinchik & Bernardo Verezzi welcome us back to CLAW FIGHT NIGHT, live from Toronto. Paula Brown is off tonight. They recap HOGTOWN HOSTILITY from a few months ago, showing clips of Jason Salva winning the Lightweight Title in a ladder match against Pistol Pete, and Garbage Picker winning the Heavyweight Title from Rod “The Biker” Stevenson. They go on to announce that both titles will be defended at the next pay-per-view, CAPTIAL CITY CARNAGE in Ottawa in a few weeks. The number one contender for the Lightweight Championship will be determined tonight in a 6-man gauntlet match.


Garbage Picker is shown at the City of Toronto service desk with his Championship Belt. He is demanding his job back as a sanitation worker for the city, explaining that his title is proof that he is qualified for the job. He is ushered out by a short female security guard with a flashlight.


We are introduced to Keith Lethal, a veteran lightweight wrestler who will be involved in the gauntlet match tonight. He’s a tough, tatooed tough guy with a buzz cut. He boasts that his experience and his knowledge of every dirty trick in the book will help him win tonight.

Queen Fat-Ema vs GDT

“GDT” is a pale, tattooed and pierced goth chick dressed in studded black leather. Fat-Ema makes her regular entrance, being carried by oiled-up bodybuilders in thongs. GDT takes the early advantage with high flying moves, hitting the Queen with a flying cross-body and a moonsault on the floor, but Queen Ema easily throws her off when she goes for a pinfall. Ema then proceeds to destroy GDT, whipping her around the ring and nailing her with slam after slam, a huge bodysplash that nearly crushes the much smaller girl, and finally a powerful bearhug that forces GDT to tap out in seconds. Winner: Queen Fat-Ema by submission


Heuvos Rancheros is introduced, taking a siesta in a Mexican cafe. He’s a distinguished looking gentleman with a pointy mustache, dressed in a matador-style outfit and a huge sombrero. He’s part of the gauntlet match later tonight, apparently he’s talking about how he’s going to win, but it’s hard to be sure because 90% of his dialogue is in spanish. However, he does make numerous helpful, animated hand gestures indicating how he’s going to break his opponents, “like so.”


Rod “The Biker” Stevenson roars down to the ring on his Harley while Bernardo bitches on commentary about how he was “robbed” at Hogtown Hostility.  Stevenson gets in the ring and on the mic and tells Garbage Picker that he’s lucky he’s not here tonight, because if he was he would kick his ass from one end of the building to the other. He swears he’s getting his title back, no matter what it takes, and he going to start tonight by destroying whatever poor sucker they put in the ring with him.

Rod Stevenson vs Pierre Boheme

As Boheme makes his way down to the ring with his French flag and poodle, Stevenson attacks him in the aisle and kicks his dog. The Biker completely dominates Boheme, ramming his face in the security rails and the ring post before slamming him on the floor. He drags him into the ring and gives him a DDT. The Frenchman tries to fight back with with punches but Stevenson clotheslines him down and pounds him in the face. He finally hits him with not one but TWO piledrivers, before covering for the pinfall. Winner: Rod Stevenson by Pinfall


KD Bacchus is backstage with a microphone, bragging about how he’s going to win the gauntlet match for a shot at Spider’s title. With wild hair and a long black coat with silver and red designs he looks like a crazed rock star. He rants about being the god of wine and orgies before he’s interuppted by Pistol Pete. Pete tells him he looks like an idiot, and Bacchus says he’s one to talk, dressed like a cowboy. Pete tells Bacchus not to waste his time, because he’s going to win the Gauntlet match and get another shot at Salva for the title.


Jason “The Spider” Salva descends from the rafters to the centre of the ring to a huge pop from the crowd. He’s wearing the CLAW Lightweight Championship Title. He poses for a minute as the crowd cheers before going to sit at the announce desk to provide guest commentary for the next match. He ignores questions from Mike and Bernardo, and keeps asking where Paula is.

Phoenix Rising vs. Yoshi Takeda vs. Pistol Pete vs.
Keith Lethal vs. KD Bacchus vs. Heuvos Rancheros

Gauntlet Match for a shot at the Lightweight Title

The rules of the match is that two men are in the ring at a time. Each time one of them is defeated, another random competitor enters the ring, until the last man standing is declared the winner. Keith Lethal and Yoshi Takeda are the first two in the ring.

Takeda starts off quick with armdrags and a suplex, but Lethal easily kicks out of an early pinfall attempt. Takeda goes for another armdrag but Lethal reverses into a hiptop and then proceeds to stomp him viciously before slingshotting him into the turnbuckle. Lethal hits a side slam for a two count. He kicks Takeda in the knee and goes for a leglock submission but the Japanese superstar gets to the ropes. Takeda reverses a whip into the rope and tries for a flying headscissors, but Lethal reverses into a powerbomb for the pinfall. Takeda is eliminated.

Phoenix Rising enters, running down to the ring and immediately attacking Lethal with kicks and punches. Rising hits a big dropkick for a two count. Lethal rolls out of the ring, trying to stop the momentum, but Rising follows him out with a suicide plancha onto the floor. Lethal jams a thumb into Rising’s eye and slams his head into the ring post before rolling him back into the ring. In the ring, Lethal stomps Rising and then sets up for a powerbomb, but this time Rising reverses it into a face buster. Phoenix Rising quickly goes up top and hits the Phoenix Dive for the pinfall. Keith Lethal is eliminated.

Pistol Pete enters slowly and pusposefully. Rising screams at him to get in the ring, but Pete slowly takes off his hat and jacket, making a big show of it. Finally, he tosses his duster at the ref, distracting him while he nails Rising with a low blow. He then plants the luchadore with a DDT and covers him for the pinfall. Pheonix Rising is eliminated.

KD Bacchus enters, running down to the ring and sling shotting over the top-rope to nail Pete with a dropkick. They run the ropes, dodging clotheslines before Bacchus takes Pete down with a drop toehold and follows up with a legdrop to the back of the head for a two count. Bacchus showboats to the crowd and Pete takes him out from behind with a chopblock. Pete hits a belly-to-belly suplex, then a side suplex for a two count. Pete goes for a cross-body off the ropes but Bacchus counters by dropkicking him out of midair.  Bacchus sets up for a piledriver or powerbomb-type move, but Pete shoves him off into the referee.  Pete hits the lowblow and the ref doesn’t see it. Pete rolls up Bacchus for the three count. KD Bacchus is eliminated

Huevos Rancheros enters with a huge mariachi band. Bacchus is still on the floor, yelling at Pete for the low blow. With the referee distracted by Rancheros’ entourage, Bacchus slides into the ring and nails Pete from behind with a falling inverted DDT-type move (Mike Kravinchik calls it the “Kiss of the Bacchae”), knocking Pete out cold. Rancheros runs into the ring and easily covers Pete for the pinfall. Pistol Pete is eliminated.

Heuvos Rancheros wins the shot at the Lightweight Title.


Heuvos Rancheros has an over-the-top celebration in the ring with his band (especially since he didn’t actually do anything to win). Jason Salva enters the ring and grabs a guitar from one of the musicians.  He waves at the crowd and everyone to be quiet, then begins to play the old Spider Man theme song on the guitar.  Then he turns around and smashes the guitar over the musician’s head.  Rancheros and the rest of the band bail out of the ring, leaving Salva to celebrate alone in the middle of the ring and the show goes off the air.


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