Mike Kravinchik, Bernardo Verezzi and Paula Brown welcome us back to another episode of CLAW Tuesday Night Fights, live from Hamilton, Ontario. They recap last week, and how Heuvos Rancheros became the #1 contender for the Lightweight title without really doing anything, and discussed how Rod Stevenson is looking for Garbage Picker to give him a rematch for the Heavyweight Title. Garbage Picker is in the building tonight, and Bernardo says he’d better watch out because if Stevenson gets his hands on him, he’s going to toss him like yesterday’s garbage.


Garbage Picker comes down to the ring to a loud ovation. He tells the crowd he looks forward to defending the title, but the Championship committee has decreed that Rod Stevenson will not be the first guy to get a shot at the belt. Picker agrees, saying that Stevenson is a talentless little s*** that only cheated to win the first place. As far as he’s concerned, Stevenson can get to the back of the line and work his way back up the rankings like everyone else. He says he’s looking forward to his match with Ron “The Antiquarian” Donaldson later tonight and warns him he’s going to take him to school…. and clean out his locker.

Keith Lethal vs “Stretcher” Cam Gordy

The announcers mention how both men are from Calgary, and play up how Lethal is an experienced veteran and Gordy, despite being extremely well trained, can’t win a match to save his life. They start off with some quick exchanges, with some hammerlocks, clotheslines and dropkicks until Lethal takes the advantage by kneeing Gordy in the face when the Stretcher goes for a backdrop. Lethal hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Gordy comes back with an armdrag into a wristlock and a rear chinlock, slowing the match down. Gordy hits a vertical suplex and a knee drop for near fall. Off the ropes, Lethal comes back with a diving shoulder tackle out of nowhere. Gordy tries to recover but Lethal jabs him with a thumb to the eye. He then hits a spinning heel kick, and slaps on the Lethal Injection (a step-over toehold facelock combination), forcing Gordy to tap out.
Winner: Keith Lethal by submission


Pistol Pete says he was robbed last week, and wants his rematch against Jason Salva. Clips of shown of KD Bacchus hitting Pete from behind and costing him the Top Contender’s match. Salva comes out and sticks out his tongue at Pete. Heuvos Rancheros makes his way down with his band. He says because he is a gentleman and a fair sport, he will give Pete another chance, and will put his title shot on the line. However, he says if Pete loses, he will owe him a favour to be named later. Pete agrees.


Backstage, KD Bacchus is lounging with several scantily clad women in the dressing room. Pistol Pete barges in and warns Bacchus not to interfere in his match with Rancheros. Bacchus says he already paid him back for the low blow, they’re even for that. He offers Pete to join them, since he looks tense and should learn to relax. Pete just glares at him and storms out.

Pistol Pete vs. Heuvos Rancheros
CLAW Lightweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match

Rancheros once again makes his big entrance with the mariachi band, however this time he also brings in salsa dancers. He gets in the ring but tells Pete to wait a moment as he gets ready. Rancheros takes a long time changing out of his matador outfit. He then tells Pete to wait while he stretches and warms up. Finally, Pete gets fed-up and suplexes the Mexican right out of the ring. Rancheros lands hard on the floor and the referee goes out to check on him. With the referee distracted, KD Bacchus jumps out of the crowd, slides into the ring and blasts Pistol Pete in the head with a steel chair. Bacchus takes off back into the crowd, and Rancheros slips into the ring to cover Pistol Pete for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Heuvos Rancheros by pinfall


Queen Fat-Ema is backstage, eating a bag of Doritos while a muscular male model rubs her feet. Two women walk in, Cindy the Psycho Cheerleader and hot latina in a red dress, Ella Sinder. They look at Ema and whisper amongst themselves, laughing as they walk away. Ema throws her Doritos at them and chases them off screen.


Backstage, Ron “The Anitquarian” Donaldson is interviewed about his upcoming match with Garbage Picker. Donaldson says he respects Picker and hopes they have a “nifty” match, but really what he wants to talk about is GP’s other business. He imagines being a garbage man he discovers all kinds of interesting things in trash bins, and Ron would LOVE to talk about if any of those things would be appropriate for his antiques shop.

Garbage Picker vs Ron Donaldson
Non-title match

Picker and Donaldson shake hands to start the match, then go into some mat-based holds and amateur-style exchanges. The go move for move with neither man able to get the advantage. They exchange suplexes for near falls. Donaldson applauds his opponent. Picker shrugs and rips off Donaldson’s sweater vest. Donaldson flips out, flying into the champion with kicks and punches, a huge powerslam and another nearfall. He throws Picker into the corner and starts stomping on his face until the champion catches his foot and reverses into a leglock submission. Ron Donaldson fights out and stuns GP with an atomic drop and then an elbow drop. Picker fights back to his feet, Donaldson locks on the bearhug but Picker reverses and hits the Trash Day out of nowhere, knocking Donaldson out cold. Before Garbage Picker can make the cover, Rod Stevenson runs into the ring and clobbers the champion with a tire iron. He proceeds to beat Picker all around the ring, busting him open with kicks to the face before finally giving him the piledriver on the floor. The biker screams “Who gets a title shot now, bitch?” at the fallen champion before walking away. Medical personnel attend to Garbage Picker as the show goes off the air.


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