PREVIEW: CLAW Tuesday Night Fights 03/06/2012

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Fight Night Preview

After Rod Stevenson put him in the hospital two weeks ago, Garbage Picker is scheduled to be in the building to give an update on his condition, and to confirm whether he’ll be able to compete at CAPITAL CITY CARNAGE.

The CLAW Lightweight Division is also in turmoil, as Heuvos Rancheros is getting ready to face Jason Salva for the belt. Pistol Pete is also gunning for a title shot, but KD Bacchus has made it is personal mission to make Pete’s life as difficult as possible. All four men will be at Tuesday Night Fights, and their paths are sure to cross!

Last week, someone stole Ron Donaldson’s beloved sweater vests, and the Antiquarian is going to be looking for his vests and the bastard who stole them!

Ella Sinder will also be in action again after her impressive debut against Queen Fat-Ema last week. Will the beastly Ema take that humiliating loss quietly? Find put this week on Tuesday Night Fights!

subject to change

“The Biker” Rod Stevenson vs. Jason “The Spider” Salva

Stevenson is still on the hunt for a shot at the CLAW Heavyweight Title, will he be able to concentrate on The Spider with Garbage Picker scheduled to be in the building?
Salva is gearing up for his big title defense against Heuvos Rancheros at CAPITAL CITY CARNAGE, but tonight he’s facing a huge warm-up challenge against a much larger foe. Will Salva be able to come out on top? And will Rancheros and Pistol Pete be able to keep their nose out of his business?

Ella Sinder vs GDT
KD Bacchus vs Keith Lethal


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