RECAP: CLAW Tuesday Night Fights 03/13/2012

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Fight Night Results



Tonight’s episode is broadcast from the Cornwall Civic Complex in Cornwall, Ontario. Only one week to go until the CAPITAL CITY CARNAGE pay-per-view! The show opens with a video package showing some of the background leading up to the matches set for the PPV. Highlights include Ron Donaldson looking for his sweater vests, Pistol Pete costing KD Bacchus $10,000 last week, and Heuvos Rancheros “accidentally” hitting Jason Salva with a chair. Video concludes with Garbage Picker’s return and attack on Rod Stevenson last week.

Cut to the ringside announce desk, where Mike Kravinchik, Bernardo Verezzi and Paula Brown hype the pay-per-view, as well as tonight’s card. At CAPITAL CITY CARNAGE, Rancheros will challenge Salva for the Lightweight Title, Stevenson will face Garbage Picker for the Heavyweight Title in a no-holds barred, falls-count anywhere bout, and there will be a four-way match to crown the first ever women’s champion. KD Bacchus and Pistol Pete will also square off in a grudge match. They then throw straight to the ring for the first match.

Ron “The Antiquarian” Donaldson vs Masa Saito (w/Yoshi Takeda)

Takeda has the security tape showing the identity of the sweater thief, and he said last week he would give it to Donaldson if he wins. Donaldson is dressed in an ugly yellow wrestling singlet. Bernardo asks why he can’t just get more sweater vests. Paula suspects they are vintage one-of-a-kind patterns. Donaldson starts off with heavy brawling against the sumo wrestler. He gets him up against the ropes, but then stops to ask him if he’s okay. Saito recovers and levels Donaldson with a clothesline. Saito takes control until he misses a corner splash. Donaldson capitalizes and hits the King Tut, but the cover only gets a 2-count. Back on their feet, Saito charges off the ropes and Donaldson ducks, pulling down the ropes and spilling Saito out onto the floor. Saito is knocked out cold and referee Johnny Green counts him out.
Winner: Ron Donaldson by countout
Post-match, Donaldson goes after Takeda to get the tape. Takeda throws the tape at the angry bruiser and runs away.


Backstage, Heuvos Rancheros and Pistol Pete are warming up for their match later tonigth. Rancheros reminds Pete he owes him a favour. It may not be today, and it may not be tomorrow, but one day he will cash it in. He promises it won’t require him to do anything dishonest in the ring. In the meantime, says Rancheros, he has some lovely embroidered tights if they want to wear matching outfits for their match later. Pistol Pete just glares at him and leaves.


Deuce Davis is shown in a casino playing craps. He says it all comes down to a roll of the dice. Does the competitors at CLAW feel lucky? Cause the odds are forever in his favour, and in two weeks, he’s walking away with everything.


Before these four women meet to vie for the women’s title at Capital City Carnage, they will meet tonight to see who looks best in a swimsuit. Paula says this is ridiculous. Bernardo nearly wets his pants he’s so excited. Mike Kravinchik is the host, and he explains the winner will be decided by the audience’s cheers.
GDT comes out first in a black leather swimsuit. She gets decent applause.
Cindy the Psycho Cheerleader is next. She’s wearing a pink bikini with tassels. She jumps around to bounce her… tassels. Big applause.
Ella Sinder is next in a teeny-tiny yellow string bikini. Crowd is going wild, but she only gets half-way to the ring before Queen Fat-Ema comes out in a dirty sweat suit and hits her from behind. She bodyslams Ella on the floor, then charges the ring and takes out both GDT and Cindy. Crowd boos her relentlessly, so she takes off her sweat suit to reveal a stained, dirty old 1920s-style bathing outfit. She asks Mike if she wins before tossing him out of the ring, too.


Ron Donaldson is in the production truck, trying to get the AV guy to play his security tape. The tech guy asks “Who still uses VHS anyway?” He says he can only put it up on the big screen. The video wall in the arena then cuts to the outside of Ron’s locker room two weeks ago. Rod Stevenson is telling Keith Leathal he’s way too drunk to wrestle tonight, so he hands him a wad of cash to go in make sure Donaldson doesn’t show up for their match. Leathal smiles and disappears into the locker room. Ron can be heard singing in the shower. A few moments later Leathal emerges with an armload of sweater vests. He dumps them into a nearby garbage can and walks away, whistling.

Donaldson runs out out of the truck toward the locker room. He sees Keith Leathal, who takes off fleeing from the big angry dude in yellow tights. Donaldson chases him out through the stage door. Leathal hops on a motorcycle and peels off into the night. Donaldson jumps on a bicycle and peddles after him.

Rod Stevenson (Captain), Heuvos Rancheros & Pistol Pete vs Garbage Picker (Captain), KD Bacchus & Jason “The Spider” Salva

The announcers explain the rules: The match is best 2 out of three falls. To win the fall, you must pin or submit either the team captain or BOTH the other team members. There are no tags – whenever somone leaves the ring for any reason, another team member may immediately jump in.
Pistol Pete and KD Bacchus start out, a preview of their match next week at Capital City Carnage. They go back and forth until Pete drilll Bacchus with a belly-to-belly suplex, and Bacchus rolls out of the ring. Jason Salva comes in for his team and arm-drags and monkey flips Pete all over the ring. Pete dives out of the ring, bringing in Rancheros, who poses and taunts Salva, then bails back out, pushing Pete in. Salva drops Pete with a dropkick and Bacchus comes off the top rope with a moonsault for the pinfall. Pistol Pete has been eliminated. Rancheros rushes into the ring and tries to roll up Bacchus from behind, but Bacchus kicks out. Rod Stevenson comes in for his team and destroys Bacchus with a powerslam and a DDT. He goes for a cover but Garbage Picker breaks it up. Stevenson chases Picker out of the ring, and Rancheros sneaks in and steals the pinfall on Bacchus, using the ropes for leverage. K.D. Bacchus has been eliminated. Salva comes back in, causing Rancheros to dive out of the ring, and Salva follows him with a suicide dive on the floor. Stevenson comes into the ring with a chair after Garbage Picker and drills the Heavyweight Champion in the head. Referee Johnny Green calls for the bell to disqualify Stevenson. Rod Stevenson has been eliminated.
Picker is unconscious in the ring. Stevenson goes for a cover but Picker revereses into a cradle for a near fall! Stevenson lays the boots to the champ, then rushes the opposing corner and clotheslines Bacchus off the apron. He gets into a shoving match with Salva. With the referee distracted trying to break it up, Pistol Pete comes in and nails Picker with an exploder suplex, and Rancheros comes off the top rope with the Burrito Roller (450 splash) to finish off the champ. The announcers point out that was probably the first time we’ve seen Rancheros actually use an offensive wrestling maneuver. Stevenson turns around just in time to make the easy cover on Garbage Picker for the fall. Garbage Picker has been eliminated.
Stevenson rolls Picker out of the ring to continue the assault on the floor while Pete and Salva start the third fall. Lots of counters and reversals as Salva blocks all of Pete’s suplexes, and the gunslinger avoids the Spider’s high-flying attacks. Finally Pete catches Salva with a devastating release German suplex, but Bacchus breaks up the pin. Bacchus hits Pete with the Kiss of the Bacchae, but Rancheros breaks up the pin. Bacchus goes for the Kiss on Rancheros, but the Mexican reverses it into a crucifix for the pinfall. KD Bacchus has been elminated.
Meanwhile, Stevenson and Picker have been brawling on the floor the entire time.
With his team on the verge of complete elmination, Jason Salva springboards off the ropes and catches Rancheros with a huge flying headscissors. He picks up Rancheros and nails the Spider Bite! Cover and pinfall. Rancheros has been eliminated. Salva sees Stevenson setting Garbage Picker up for a piledriver on the floor, so he dives out of the ring and flattens the biker with a suicide plancha. Picker rolls back in the ring to square off with Pistol Pete. Pete hits two snap suplexes but can’t get the pinfall. Picker revereses another suplex into a cross-arm breaker, but Pete gets to the ropes to break the hold. Back on their feet, Picker hits the Trash Day suplex out of nowhere, bridging into a pin for the victory. Stevenson slides into the ring but is not in time to break up the count. Pistol Pete has been eliminated.
Post-match: Stevenson destroys Picker with a steel chair. Salva tries to help and gets a chairshot for his trouble. The Biker caps off the attack with a piledriver on the chair in the middle of the ring. The show ends with Rod Stevenson standing over Picker, holding up the Heavyweight Championship belt.


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