CLASSIC CARDS: NACW Prince of Pain PPV 05/20/1999 (Part 2)

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Join us for the thrilling conclusion of the bloody hardcore tournament!

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Fred Bueller: The following contest is an elimination match, and is for the vacant North American Championship Wrestling Cross-Border’s Title [Nancy holds up the belt] Introducing first… [“Lunatics in the Grass” by Cypress Hill begins to play. Crowd boos loudly.] from parts unknown, a member of the Stoned Alliance, weighing in at 350 pounds, ZERO-X!!!

[Zero-X walks to the ring.]

Verezzi: First up we have a former member of the DPS.

Kravinchik: Actually, everyone involved in this match are former members of the DPS, because Forgotten Poet dissolved the Society earlier today.

Fred Bueller: Introducing next… [“Hey Man, Nice Shot” by Filter begins to play. Mixed reaction from the crowd.] from Halle, Germany, weighing in at 293 pounds, DURIEL!!!

Rip: You know, with everything else that’s been happening, we forgot that we still have a heavyweight title match yet tonight, and the loser of which has to leave the NACW for good!

Kravinchik: I’m sure not everyone has forgotten it, especially Brimstone and Meltdown. But right now, the Cross-Borders Championship is the belt that’s on the line.

Fred Bueller: And finally… [“Forgotten Poet’s music begins to play. Mixed reaction from the crowd.] from Calgary, Alberta, weighing in at 231 and a half pounds, FORGOTTEN POET!!!

[Forgotten Poet walks very slowly to the ring.]

Kravinchik: You’re seeing a lost man there, before you.

Rip: I don’t know, I think he’s more focused than he’s ever been.

Kravinchik: All three men are in the ring for this match. There’s the bell, and LOOK OUT! Duriel and Forgotten Poet are immediately teaming up against Zero-X!!

[Duriel and Poet pummel Zero-X. They whip Zero-X into the ropes. Duriel and Poet nail Zero-X with a double back drop.]

Rip: Looks like Duriel and Poet are finally getting a chance to pay back Zero-X for stabbing them in the back and turning against the Dark Poets Society.

Verezzi: Yeah, but there’s no such thing as the DPS anymore.

Rip: That doesn’t make any of the hate go away.

[Duriel DDT’s Zero-X. Poet picks up Zero-X and nails him with the Writer’s Block. Duriel sets up Zero-X. Duriel nails Zero-X with the Krypt. Duriel covers. Pete Hard counts… 1… 2… 3.]

Kravinchik: Zero-X has been eliminated. That leaves just Duriel and Poet to duke it out for the title.

Verezzi: Hey, wasn’t Rave supposed to be involved in this match?

Kravinchik: Yes, but he no-showed, now shut up, you’re not supposed to talk about this stuff on the air.

Verezzi: Oh, right, sorry.

[Poet holds out his hand to Duriel. Duriel kicks him in the stomach.]

Rip: What the hell?!!

[Duriel whips Poet into the ropes. Duriel nails Poet with a knee lift. Duriel drives a knee into Poet’s face.]

Kravinchik: We talked about Duriel’s recent winning streak and new attitude, but he’s gone too far! Look at the fire in Duriel’s eyes! He’s snapped!

Rip He doesn’t give a damn about Poet, who is supposed to be his friend. He has only one thing on his mind, and that’s winning this match!

Verezzi: Beautiful, Duriel, that’s the way to do it.

[Duriel pulls Poet to his feet. Duriel nails Poet with an inverted atomic drop. Duriel covers. Pete Hard counts… 1… 2… kick out.]

Kravinchik: Has the Duriel been so blinded by his desire to win the title that he’s losing it?

Rip: You must mean his wits because he is far from losing this match!

[Poet back on his feet. Duriel goes for a suplex but Poet reverses it. Poet goes for a figure four but Duriel kicks him off. Duriel drives an elbow to the inside of Poet’s thigh. Duriel applies a figure four of his own to Poet.]

Rip: Forgotten Poet made a brief comeback but he couldn’t hold onto it. Duriel is like an animal in there, he’s trying to break Poet’s legs!

[Poet fighting. Pete Hard checking for a tap out. Poet grabs the ropes. Duriel refuses to break the hold. Poet writhes in pain. Pete Hard threatens to disqualify Duriel. Duriel releases the hold.]

Kravinchik: Now that was totally unneccesary! Duriel almost cost himself the match.

[Duriel pulls Poet to his feet. Duriel kicks Poet in the stomach. Duriel whips Poet into the ropes. Duriel goes for a backdrop but Poet catches him with his head down. Poet powerbombs Duriel. Poetcovers. Pete Hard counts… 1… 2… kick out.]

Verezzi: That came out of nowhere!

Rip: C’mon, Poet, keep on him.

[Both men slowly get back to their feet. Poet and Duriel exchange punches. Poet backs Duriel into the corner. Poet stuns Duriel with a big chop. Poet goes for a splash in the corner but Duriel pulls Pete Hard in the way. Poet crunches Pete Hard, knocking him out. Duriel lowblows Poet.]

Kravinchik: What’s he doing?

[Duriel slips out of the ring and grabs a chair. Duriel returns to the ring. Duriel winds up with the chair but Poet ducks. Poet kicks Duriel. Poet sets Duriel up. Crowd is cheering. Poet drops Duriel onto the chair with the Writer’s Block. Poet applies the Finale. Duriel fighting. Pete Hard wakes up in time to see Duriel tapping out. Pete Hard calls for the bell.]

Rip: He did it, Poet won it!

Kravinchik: He’s the new Cross-Borders champion!

Rip: That was a close one, however, Duriel was really taking him apart in there.

Verezzi: I liked Duriel’s new spirit he was showing, if he holds onto that, Poet might not be Cross-Borders Champion for long.

Fred Bueller: Here is your winner, and NEW NACW Cross-Borders Champion, FORGOTTEN POET!!!

[Nancy presents the belt to Poet. He holds it over his head, saying “I did it, Tammy, I did it.”]

Kravinchik: Yes, you did, Poet, congratulations. Here is your new Cross-Borders champion!

Verezzi: Guess what it’s time for!!!?? The Prince of Pain finals between the Urge and Frenzy!

Rip: He’s right. We’re about to see what kind of shape these men are in and if they’ll be able to compete. We haven’t heard anything on their conditions, but considering the amount of punishment they both took, I can’t imagine either of them will be in well enough shape to wrestler in such a short period of time.

Kravinchik: I guess we’ll see. Fred Bueller has gotten over to the Death Match ring. Let’s get this underway.

Fred Bueller: The following contest is for the Prince of Pain championship. [Nancy holds up the new title belt.] Introducing first… [“Jump Right In” by the Urge begins to play. Crowd boos.] from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 265 pounds, THE URGE!!!

[The Urge limps out, bandaged, and holding his neck. He looks in bad shape, but comes down to the ring anyway.]

Kravinchik: The special ring has at least been swept clean this time.

Rip: Urge looks to be in pretty bad shape, let’s see what Frenzy looks like.

Fred Bueller: And his opponent… [“My Own Summer” by the Deftones begins to play. Crowd explodes.] from New Jersey, weighing in at 295 pounds, FRENZY!!!

[Crowd cheers madly, but no one steps out of the entry way.]

Rip: What’s going on?

Kravinchik: Might Frenzy be so seriously injured he can’t even walk out here?

Verezzi: Give the title to the Urge by forfeit. He deserves it, he fought harder than Frenzy.

Kravinchik: I don’t agree with that, but the title may have to be forfeited if Frenzy doesn’t show.

[Music starts again, Fred Bueller repeats the intro, but still no Frenzy.]

Rip: This doesn’t look good.

Verezzi: Forfeit! Forfeit!

Kravinchik: Look at the smug look on Urge’s face.

[Music starts a third time and Frenzy steps out onto the ramp. His arm is heavily wrapped, he is walking bent over, limping, and his knee is doubly braced. Crowd nearly blows the roof off of the arena.]

Kravinchik: Here he comes!

Rip: That wiped the smug look off of the Urge’s face.

[Frenzy climbs into the ring. Bell rings and Urge immediately attacks him. Urge pummels him to the mat, kicking and stomping him visciously.]

Verezzi: Ha! Frenzy can’t even stand up.

[Urge pulls Frenzy to his feet and whips him into the barb wire. Frenzy gets tangled in it, tearing open his hands and the side of his face. He screams in pain.]

Kravinchik: Oh, dear god!

[Urge slips out of the ring and grabs a chair. He tosses it into the ring then slips in himself as Frenzy crawls out of the barb wire, bleeding freshly. He is on his knees when Urge smashes him in the face with the chair. Urge sets Frenzy up. Urge piledrives Frenzy on the chair. Urge covers… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… shoulder up.]

Kravinchik: Good God, Frenzy, just stay down before you kill yourself!

Verezzi: No, keep coming back, let’s see some more blood!

[Urge pulls Frenzy to his feet and nails him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Urge pulls Frenzy back to his feet and executes a German suplex. Without letting go, Urge pulls him back up and nails a second German suplex, this one landing Frenzy onto the chair. Urge covers… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… shoulder up.]

Rip: If Frenzy hasn’t already broken every bone in his body he will have finished off the last of them before this match is over.

[Urge lays the already warped chair across Frenzy’s face. Urge drops a leg on the chair. Urge slips out of the ring. Urge slides a table in the ring. Urge sets up the table and pulls Frenzy to his feet. Urge sets up Frenzy in the corner.]

Kravinchik: He’s going to try and superplex him through the table! This could be it!

[Urge sets Frenzy up. Frenzy out of nowhere nails Urge with a swinging DDT, through the table.]

Verezzi: Holy sh*beep*! Where did that come from!!?

[Fans are screaming. Both men are down. Referee counting. Both climb to their feet at the same time, but Urge has the chair. Urge steps toward Frenzy, but Frenzy kicks the chair, driving it into the Urge’s face. Frenzy pulls Urge back to his feet and sets him up. Frenzy nails Urge with the Demon Spike onto the chair. Frenzy covers… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10.]

Kravinchik: HE DID IT!!!!

Fred Bueller: Here is your winner and Prince of Pain, FRENZY!!!

[Fred Bueller and Nancy try to help Frenzy to his feet. Trainers rush into the ring but once Frenzy makes it to his feet, he pushes them away. Nancy drapes the belt over his shoulder. Crowd is cheering like crazy.]

Rip: Frenzy destroyed TWO unbeaten streaks here tonight, both those of Antithesis and the Urge. Not only did he survive two unbelieveably brutal matches, but he has become the first ever NACW Prince of Pain!

Kravinchik: Congratulations, Frenzy, you made your momma proud, wherever she is.

Verezzi: That was pretty damn good, wasn’t it?

Kravinchik: We’ve just got one more match to go, and although it might not match the violence of the death matches we’ve just seen, I think these boys will still put on one hell of a show.

Rip: Hank Brimstone. Meltdown. Last man standing Hell-in-the-Cell. Both the heavyweight and Television titles on the line. Careers in NACW on the line. This is for all the marbles, ladies and gents.

Kravinchik: And it’s coming up, right now.

[The crowd has not quieted down since Frenzy left the arena a few moments ago. The air is full of electricity, and the place seems ready to explode when Fred Bueller steps into the ring with the mic.]

Fred Bueller: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for our main event. The following is a Last Man Standing, Hell-in the Cell cage match for BOTH the North American Championship Wrestling Television and Heavyweight champions. Introducing first, the Television Champion… [“Sweet Dreams” by Marilyn Manson begins to play. Crowd boos unbelieveably loudly. The cage begins to lower.] a member of the Army of Annihilation, from Phoenix, Arizona, weighing in at 296 pounds, MELTDOWN!!!

[Meltdown walks down to the ring, slowly, with his head down. He reaches the cage and rather than entering it climbs to the top of it.]

Kravinchik: What is he doing?

Rip: Maybe he’s surveying his territory.

Fred Bueller: And his opponent… [“Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)” by the Offspring begins to play. The crowd nearly overpowers the rest of the announcement.] from Montreal, Quebec, weighing in at 280 pounds, the NACW Champion, HANK BRIMSTONE!!!

[Brimstone runs down to the ring and tosses the belt aside. The bell rings and he begins to climb the cage to meet Meltdown.]

Rip: We’re underway, and believe me, I don’t know where this match is going to go. The referee was supposed to be Shawn Black, but he was injured earlier tonight and has been replaced with Maurice LeBlanc. Not that he can do much, standing inside the cage while the competitors are on top of it.

[Brimstone and Meltdown are exchanging punches on the roof of the cage. Brimstone kicks Meltdown in the stomach, then tackles him down to the steel. Brimstone grinds Meltdown’s face against the roof of the cage, tearing open his mask. Meltdown is bleeding. Brimstone starts to pull Meltdown to his feet but Meltdown lowblows him. Meltdown drags Brimstone to the edge of the cage.]

Kravinchik: Mother of Mercy, NO!

[Meltdown throws Brimstone off the tope of the cage, but Brimstone catches himself, grabbing onto the side of the cage. Meltdown tries to kick his hands, but Brimstone grabs his ankle and pulls him off the cage.]

Verezzi: Holy fu*beep*!!!

[Meltdown crashes through the french announce table, sending video equipment and frenchmen everywhere. Maurice LeBlanc begins counting.]

Kravinchik: Meltdown has been DESTROYED! It’s over already. Wait a minute…

[Brimstone has climbed down the cage. Brimstone pulls Meltdown out of the wreckage and drags him into the cage. He grabs a chair and brings it in on his way.]

Rip: He’s not finished yet!

Kravinchik: I can’t believe Meltdown’s not dead!

[Brimstone whips Meltdown into the ringpost. Brimstone grinds Meltdown’s face against the wall of the cage. Brimstone sets Meltdown up and nails him with a Samoan drop on the floor.Brimstone sets up the chair on Meltdown’s leg. Brimstone drops a knee onto the chair. Meltdown clutches his knee. Brimstone pummels Meltdown, then sets the chair back up. Brimstone climbs up onto the ring apron.]

Rip: This is going to hurt!

[Brimstone jumps onto the chair. Meltdown screams in pain. Brimstone tosses the chair into the ring, and then rolls Meltdown in as well. Brimstone sets Meltdown up and DDT’s him onto the chair. Brimstone stands back as Maurice LeBlanc begins to count.]

Kravinchik: Brimstone is hoping he gets back up, you can see it on his face.

Verezzi: C’mon Meltdown, get up and kick his ass!!

[Meltdown manages to drag himself to his feet. Brimstone, smiling, whips him into the ropes. Brimstone nearly takes Meltdown’s head off with a spinning heel kick.]

Rip: Brimstone learned that move from his matches with Downtown Mayhem.

[Brimstone goads Meltdown back to his feet. Meltdown struggles to stand, and Brimstone whips him into the ropes again. Meltdown surprises him with a tackle.]

Kravinchik: Where did that come from?? Both men are down, Maurice LeBlanc is counting.

[Both men make it back to their feet. They exchange punches. Meltdown backs Brimstone into the corner. Meltdown whips Brimstone across the ring. Meltdown sets Brimstone up. Meltdown nails Brimstone with the Call of Satan DDT.]

Verezzi: NOW look who’s in trouble!

[Meltdown goes up top. Meltdown tries for the Bloody Fallout but Brimstone rolls out of the way. Crowd explodes. ]

Verezzi: NO!

Kravinchik: He missed it!!

[Brimstone climbs to the top rope. Meltdown gets back to his feet. Brimstone nails Meltdown with a flying clothesline. Brimstone sets Meltdown up. Brimstone nails the Flatliner.]

Rip: It’s over! Maurice LeBlanc is counting, no signs of life from Meltdown… wait a minute

[Brimstone picks Meltdown up and nails him with another Flatliner. Crowd is deafening.]

Kravinchik: Another one! Brimstone is really trying to put Meltdown away for GOOD!

Rip: Wait…

[Brimstone sets Meltdown up and nails another Flatliner.]

Kravinchik: Now he’s just humiliating him! Brimstone has the match one, and then THREE Flatliners. Oh, God, he’s not going for another one…

[Brimstone sets Meltdown up for another Flatliner. Suddenly, Donald Jackson, Insanity, Magical Water and the Pissed Off Posse come running down toward the ring. Brimstone nails the fourth Flatliner, but Jackson unlocks the cage and the Army of Annihilation rush inside. Brimstone nails Killa, and then Little Bitch, but is quickly overwhelmed as Insanity and Omega beat him down.]

Kravinchik: Meltdown is totally unconscious in the ring. Brimstone should have this match won! But Jackson and his flunkies are taking the champ apart.

Rip: What the-? The cage is rising?

[The cage begins to rise as Frenzy appears, broken and battered, at the top of the ramp.]

Verezzi: Ha! He’s wasted, what’s he going to do?

[From behind Frenzy, Mordred, Tempter and Preacher run down to the ring.]

Kravinchik: He’s brought back up!

[Frenzy and the Spooky Kids storm the ring. Although outnumbered, they quickly begin to turn the tide against the Army of Annihilation. The brawl spreads throughout the ringside area, even spilling into the stands. Little Bitch is powerbombed through the English announcer’s table by Preacher.]

Rip: Watch the furniture!

Kravinchik: This place is turning into a war zone!

[Suddenly, Antithesis appears at the top of the ramp and quickly moves down to the ring. He immediately destroys Tempter with a reverse chokeslam on the floor.]

Verezzi: The tide is turning again!

[Frenzy leaves the ring to face Antithesis, leaving Meltdown, who has finally returned to his feet, alone with Brimstone. Maurice LeBlanc, who had been lost in the shuffle, re-enters the ring. Both competitors are groggy, but immediately begin going at it again. Jackson slips into the ring with a chair and nails Brimstone with it from behind. Maurice LeBlanc begins counting. Mordred tries to jump in the ring but is nailed from behind by Antithesis.]

Kravinchik: No! This could be it for Hank Brimstone!

[Downtown Mayhem runs down to the ring with a chair.]

Kravinchik: What’s this?

[Downtown slips past the Army into the ring, leveling Donald Jackson from behind with the chair. Meltdown turns to meet him only in time to catch the chair square in the face himself. Downtown then dives out of the ring, landing on Antithesis with the chair.]

Rip: This is insane!

Kravinchik: But Downtown evened the sides again.

[Brimstone and Meltdown make it back to their feet. Meltdown goes for a clothesline, but Brimstone ducks and slips behind him. Brimstone out of nowhere with a Flatliner. Both men are down in the ring. Maurice LeBlanc begins to count again… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… Brimstone gets to his knees… 6… 7… Meltdown gets to his knees… 8… Brimstone stands up… 9… Meltdown tries to stand… Meltdown falls… 10]

Kravichik: It’s OVER!!!

Rip: Hank Brimstone has retained the Heavyweight title AND captured the Television Title!!!

Kravinchik: But most importantly, Meltdown must now leave NACW, permanently!

[Nancy climbs into the ring and hands both belts to Brimstone. Brimstone holds both titles above his head as the crowd continues to cheer and throw things into the ring.]

Kravinchik: Three-time Television Champion! And STILL NACW Heavyweight Champion!!

Rip: Look, Donald Jackson just came around. He just realized Meltdown lost! Too bad, Donnie, but your prize champion is now GONE!

Kravinchik: Brimstone is laughing at Jackson and Meltdown. And they deserve it, they’ve made Brimstone life a living hell for weeks, but wait a minute… Jackson’s smiling. Why is Jackson smiling?

Rip: Someone just handed him a mic.

Jackson: Hold on, Hank, hold on just one second. Okay, so you’re still the heavyweight champion, and yeah, you won the TV belt, too. But so what? You still didn’t get what you really wanted.

Kravinchik: Brimstone looks confused. What is Jackson talking about? Brimstone won, that means Meltdown has to leave the federation, right?

Jackson: I don’t know who billed this as a loser-leaves the fed match, because I never agreed to it.. Yeah, I said that if you lost, you would have to leave. But I NEVER mentioned anything about Meltdown leaving. You don’t believe me? Roll the clip.

[The clip from last week appears on the Titantron.]

Jackson: But I’m not done yet, oh, no. I just want to let everyone know that the stips Brimstone demanded for the Main Event at Prince of Pain have been accepted. Hell in a Cell. Both titles on the line. If Meltdown wins, Brimstone is out of NACW for good. If Brimstone wins, and let me tell you, it will be hell for you to be someone as crazy as insane as Meltdown, but if Brimstone wins, then that insanity is gone from NACW.

Jackson: That’s right, I said that if Brimstone won, INSANITY had to leave NACW. I never said anything about Meltdown. Okay, so Insanity is fired, kaput, and Meltdown might have still lost, but it’s all worth it to see the look on your face right now.

Kravinchik: Brimstone looks like a rapid animal! He’s outraged, and I cannot blame him. Look out!

Rip: Brimstone just snapped, he nailed Meltdown. Holy crap, he’s setting him up for another Flatliner. Nails it!! Meltdown is out cold! Donald Jackson tries to make a run for it, wait! He’s stopped by Downtown! He can’t get out of the ring.

Verezzi: Look out, boss!

Kravinchik: Brimstone has Jackson from behind… FLATLINER!!! He just leveled the president! Both Jackson and Meltdown are out! Sorry, everyone but we are out of time! We hope you enjoyed our show, we’ll see you next week for Monday night Melee. Good night!!

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