Jason “The Spider” Salva

Hometown: Aurora, Ontario
Height: 5ft5
Weight: 160 lbs (Light Heavyweight)

Gimmick: Uses ropes to hog-tie opponents

Alignment: Face

Entrance Music: original Spiderman theme song
Entrance: Rappel from the ceiling upside-down

Background and Apperance: Wiry and agile, The Spider bounces around the ring moving in unexpected ways.

He wears a black skin-tight latex suit with a gold hourglass emblem on the back.

Wrestling Style: High-Flyer

Patented Moves:
belly-to-back suplex, dropkick, elbow drop, moonsault, spinning kick, top-rope splash, top-rope clothesline, suicide dive, springboard plancha, monkey flip

Finishing Moves:
The Web of Death: wrap opponent in the rope he arrived on, haul them up and let them drop

The Spider Bite: Twisting reverse neckbreaker

Title History:
CLAW Lightweight Champion (October 25, 2011 to present)


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