Phoenix Rising

Hometown: Tijuana, Mexico
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 160lbs (Light Heavyweight)

Alignment: Face

Entrance Music: “Higher” by Creed
Entrance: Rising runs down the ring, streamers fluttering and slapping hands of the fans along the way.  He jumps onto the ring apron and somersaults over the top rope.

Background/Appearance:  Rising is popular in Mexico (where he is known as “El Ave Fenix”), but despite several attempts at breaking into the American/Canadian scene, he has not had much success.

Rising wears a full body outfit with a flame motif, in varying combinations of red/orange/yellow. He wears a matching lucha-style mask with flame-wings protruding from the sides.  He has flashy red and yellow streamers attached to his knees and elbows, which flutter majestically during his high-flying moves.

Wrestling Style:  Luchadore High-Flyer

Holds and Throws:
Japanese armdrag, dragonscrew legsweep, flying headscissors takedown, high flipping dropkick, suicide plancha, corkscrew asai moonsault, magistral cradle, inverted surfboard, crucifix armbreaker

Finishing Hold:
Phoenix Dive – Dragonsault (twisting top-rope moonsault)


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