Pierre Boheme

Hometown: Paris, France
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 260lbs (Heavyweight)

Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music: “La Marseillaise”
Entrance: Boheme comes to the ring wearing a beret and waving a French flag.  Sometimes he also carries a bottle of wine, loaf of bread or cheese, and sometimes even a poodle.

Background/Appearance: Boheme is a proud Frenchman, and is quick to tell the crowd why France is better than everywhere else.  He has wrestled (and lost) all over the world, though he is based primarily out of the Great Lakes area in Canada and the US.  There is a rumour he is not actually allowed back into France.

Boheme is pasty white, hairy, and very thick around the middle. He is balding and wears a thin black mustache.  He usually wrestles in knee-length black trunks and a red and white striped shirt that rides up over his gut.

Wrestling Style: Brawler

Holds & Throws:
Running elbow in the corner, European uppercut, knee drop, inverted atomic drop, snap suplex on the floor, bodyslam, backbreaker, drop toehold onto the ring steps, rear chinlock, leg grapevine

Finishing Hold:
Arche de Triomphe – Bridging “French” (German) Suplex


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