Pistol Pete

Wrestler’s Name: Pistol Pete

Hometown: Parts Unknown

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 170 lbs
Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music: Theme from “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

Entrance: walks slowly down to the ring with duster and hat pulled low.. looks around at people.. and holds a stare.. once in the ring pulls out his six shooter and fires at the four corners in rapid succesion

Gimmick: Smokes a small cigar and wears a pair of fake pistols on the belt, known for the “low blow” which is so quick no one sees it

Background and Apperance: Raised by coyotes in the deep US south “pistol” pete has a tendency to trust no one and to ride alone.. Looking suspciously like the man with the no name from the classic 60’s western’s he claims that any similarity is purely coincidental.. Wears aduster, black jeans and beat up cowboy hat and is constantly smoking a small brown cigar..
Discovering early on a talent for markmanship he found his way into a travelling caravan making trick shots with an old pair of six shooters.. eventually befriending the strongman he was taught to wrestle as a teen and showing a second skill made his way up through the ranks of the amateur wrestling circuit.

Wrestling Style: Technician

backbreaker, chopblock, cross-body block, discus clothesline, belly-to-back suplex, belly-to-belly suplex, exploder suplex, German suplex,Indian deathlock, rear naked choke

Finishing Move: The Final Sunset – after the low blow has crippled his opponent.. he makes the pin and covers the body with his duster


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