Queen Fat-Ema

Wrestler’s Name: Queen Fat-Ema

Hometown: Guttertown, Ontario
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 170lbs

Alignment: Heel
Gimmick: She’s a glutton, always pawing through a bucket of greasy chicken, when she gets the chance she wipes greasy on the bottom of opponent’s shoes

Entrance Music: She’s A Lady – Tom Jones
Entrance: Is carried into the ring on a throne, carried by buff men

Background and Apperance: Skinny bitch with a bad temper, Ema started off by trying to pick on other girls in her youth.  She kept getting beaten down, which only made her angrier. Not caring what those “other bitches thought”, Ema took to preying on much smaller, weaker kids and stealing their lunch money, which she turned into greasy foods for fat-girl-making.  She climbed the ranks of the angry girl crowd, taking lunches, lunch monies and whole chickens until she was eventually crowned Queen Fat-Ema with all the lesser bitches running in fear of her.

Wrestling Style: Brawler

Canadian backbreaker, swinging neckbreaker, corner stomp, brainbuster, headbutt, knee drop, powerslam, spinebuster, bearhug, snapmare

Finishing Move: Huge toxic belch puts the opponent out… sometimes fatal.


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