Ron “The Antiquarian” Donaldson

Wrestler’s Name: Ron “The Antiquarian” Donaldson

Hometown: Penetanguishene, ON
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 260 lbs

Alignment: Face
Gimmick: Uses his vast knowledge of history and antiquities to devastate his opponents.

Entrance Music: Claire de Lune
Entrance: The Antiquarian enters riding a penny-farthing bicycle. After he locks the bike to the railing, he runs down the aisle distributing flyers for his unsuccessful antiques store to eager fans.

Background and Apperance: Ron “The Antiquarian” Donaldson has most of his BA in Museum Studies.  He has worked at six different museums and runs an unsuccessful antiques store (which results in pent-up rage). Although he enjoys wrestling, he often wonders if everyone would be better off if they just “talked it out” more often.

Ron is chubby, with a well-trimmed beard and a sweater-vest that he almost never takes off.  DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE THE SWEATER-VEST.

Ron Donaldson will mess you up (respectfully)!

Wrestling Style: Brawler
bearhug, elbow drop, piledriver, bodyslam, belly-to-belly suplex, knee drop, monkey flip, running powerslam, short-arm clothesline, vertical suplex

Finishing Move: The King Tut – “Walk like an Egyptian” (one hand up, one hand down) up to the opponent and poke them in the eyes repeatedly with his raised hand.


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