Hometown: Okinawa, Japan
Height: 5’8″ (Takeda); 6’1″ (Saito)
Combined Weight: 575 lbs (Takeda – 190, Saito – 385)

Gimmick: Manga-style super villains

Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music: “World is Mine” by Hatsune Miku
Entrance: Flashing green and blue lasers strobe through the arena and Takeda and Saito step slowly out onto the stage.  As the music picks up they run to the ring, then pose on the turnbuckles and taunt the crowd.

Background/Appearance: Takeda and Saito are obnoxious, flamboyant rockstar wannabes.  They claim to be the best wrestlers in Japan, and have come to North America to begin conquering the rest of the world. In reality, they got fired from every organization they worked with in Japan for being difficult prima donnas.

Takeda is slim and athletic, and wears long tights and colourful armbands.  He has different colour streaks in his hair every night.  Saito is a former sumo wrestler who wears knee-length trunks and has a heavily tatooed back and chest.  Both men wear matching coloured ring gear (usually in some combination of black, green and blue), decorated with kanji symbols and lightning bolts.

Wrestling Style: Strong style (Japanese Puroresu).  Takeda leans more toward high-flying moves, and Saito prefers powerhouse slams and throws

Holds & Throws:
Takeda – Japanese armdrag, belly-to-back suplex, ensugiri kick, swinging neckbreaker, moonsault, suicide dive
Saito – Chop, headbutt, bodysplash, tilt-a-whirl slam, powerbomb, single-leg crab

Finishing Hold:
MEGA SUPER IMPACT! – A powerslam by Saito followed up quickly by a top-rope senton backsplash from Takeda.


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