The Christian Brothers



Manager: Sister Mary Mercy

Hometown: The Vatican

Height: 6’2″ (Baptist); 6’6″ (Gideon)
Combined Weight: 523 lbs (Baptist – 235; Gideon – 288)

Gimmick: Former priests who use wrestling to spread the word of God

Alignment: Heel-ish

Entrance Music: “Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes” by Marilyn Manson
Entrance: Sister Mary leads the Brothers to the ring, who are dressed in dark monk’s robes. They kneel and pray in the ring before their match.

Background/Appearance: The Brothers claim to have been sent by the Pope to cleanse the wrestling world of all it’s sins. If they can’t make people see the light through prayer and sermonizing, then they will convince them by beating them into Salvation.

Baptist and Gideon are veteran wrestlers who have travelled all over the world. They dress in black sleeveless priest tunics with white collars. Baptist loves to sermonize, but Gideon usually just stands in the background and scowls.

The team is managed by Sister Mary Mercy, a hot blond in a sexy nun’s costume. She carries a crucifix and a large bible to the ring, and is not above using them as weapons to get the upper hand.

Wrestling Style: American-style all-arounders. Baptist leans toward more technical offense while Gideon is more of a brawler.

Holds & Throws:
Baptist – Russian leg sweep, vertical suplex, inverted atomic drop, flying forearm smash, sleeperhold, rear-choke takedown into a backbreaker
Gideon – Throat strike, short-arm lariat, choke, gutwrench powerbomb, delayed hanging suplex, running knee in the corner

Finishing Hold:
Wrath of God – Gideon hoists the victim up for a powerbomb, and Baptist grabs him for a neckbreaker on the way down.


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